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Thai Cooking Class

Guests at Coral View Dive Resort on Koh Tao are spoiled for choice with our range of cooking classes. Just a short journey away from your Koh Tao villa, hillside cabin or beach hotel room lie our Turtle Island Kitchen Classrooms! We’ve selected the best cooking schools on the island to partner with, where traditional chefs are waiting to teach you how to prepare some of your favorite Thai dishes. 

Our classes run daily and you can choose between a group (up to 6 people) or a private lesson. In each lesson, we will cover 2 dishes of your choice plus the chef's choice of papaya salad, mango salad, spring rolls, no-name or banana fritters. Yummy!

  • Classes open daily*:       13:00 - 15:30

                                                      16:00 - 18:30

  • Private one-on-one OR joined group (up to 6 people)


       *Class is off-site, transfers included


- Green curry

- Red curry

- Panaeng curry

- Massaman curry

(chicken/ pork/ beef/ prawns/ vegetarian)


- Pad Thai with chicken/ pork/ beef/ prawns/ vegetarian

- Chicken with cashew nuts

- Tom yum prawns

- Tom kha chicken


- Papaya OR Mango salad

- Spring rolls

- No-name

- Banana fritter

The best bit? You get to keep what you make! So sit back at the end of the day and enjoy your efforts over a well-deserved drink once you get back to the resort, where looking out over Shark Island as the sun sets over the best beach on Koh Tao is the best way to end any of your days with us! What more could you want? The best beach accommodation on Koh Tao, an authentic Thai cooking experience, your own delicious homemade Thai food, the best sunset view and a delicious cocktail at our beachside bar to wash it down. Perfection!

If this has given you food for thought, contact us to book your lesson preference for your stay!

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